Defining Happiness

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In its most pure form, happiness is enjoying the moment. Happiness, in its highest vibration and frequency, happiness that is properly understood, is being present and at peace in current circumstances. Happiness is not something you can pursue. It must ensue, because circumstances change and we do not have control over that fact. Such is life. So, we can choose to be thankful and grateful for the moments, like the very breath we are taking right now.

Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with being unhappy unless unhappiness becomes a state of being. You are a human being, not unhappiness being. You are not meant to be unhappy. That begs a couple questions: What does it mean to be human? Who are we? THV exists to help sort that out; to provide or point you toward an answer that will suffice.

Culturally, happiness is circumstantial. But, not all circumstances will be enjoyable. Key: we would rather be in joy, enjoying life, enjoying ourselves because joy is not circumstantial. Joy is a state of being- knowing you are alive, meaning you are one with life. This truth comes before everything; before every circumstance. Joy supersedes happiness because it lasts. Joy is a characteristic of Love. It exists whether we are consciously aware of it or not. So, don’t allow unhappiness to become the illusion of who and what you are. It digresses to addictive states of mind such as anxiety, anger, and depression.

Happiness, in the mainstream, is only recognizable as the result of gaining something we imagine we want, need, or find valuable in. These are things outside of ourselves and that is why this notion of happiness can be a slippery slope. WHY? Because nothing and no one lasts forever. You are all you have. Your life, meaning your very existence, is all there is. Your life is all you hold. Being in joy is experiencing who you are, what it is to be human; beyond circumstances, true happiness.

Happiness and unhappiness are the path to understanding what joy really is. Ultimately, joy, interlinked, overlapping, and entangled with Love, is what life is about. What I am explaining requires a certain willingness to patiently endure. Without unhappiness how would we understand and appreciate happiness? Without sorrow how would we understand and appreciate laughter? Without darkness how would we understand and appreciate the light? Without misery, how would we, ever, understand and appreciate joy? All of struggle is the road to your true self and how great you actually are.

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