What Is Fear?

…The yin of the yang. Like light and dark. If “God is love.” Fear is a being full of hate.

Fear can be full of pride and ego. Fear can be faithless, hopeless and loveless. Fear avoids the depth of true connection. Fear takes advantage because it knows no other way. Fear can be extremely self-centered. Fear invites argument, prejudice, disagreement and war.

Fear can be very powerful. Fear is dysfunctional in that it can never lead us to more peace, but rather a sick and dilapidated version thereof. Fear can be needy and clingy. Like love, Fear is a big feeling. Contrary to Love, Fear actually keeps us small, limited, anxious, unsatisfied, lacking and feeling worth less than we are.

Fear can confuse sex with Love. Fear can be so unkind but also too kind. Fear can claim to know everything and nothing at the same time.

To live in Fear is to live shackled, imprisoned, locked-up. Fear creates lies. Fear can be unaffectionate and distant. Fear cannot truly love- not even itself. Fear hates itself while claiming self-worth.

Fear has a way of making us feel strong through anger, numbing, avoiding, blame, resentment, abusing, soapboxing and self-exaltation… In this way, Fear puts us in a very sick state of mind, never recognizing what’s real in situations past, present and future. Fear keeps us living and even stuck in illusion and delusion. Fear becomes a prison- a paralysis- a slow wasting away.

Fear is complicated and confusing- a labyrinth and web of cause and effect that suffocates human well-being. Every negative emotion is fear-based, even if it’s just the fear of being wrong or wronged.

Love involves Fear and Fear involves love. Love enjoys the connection. Fear wants, in some way, to deny it.

Don’t confuse Fear and hate. Love and Fear are Yin and Yang. Love and hate are polar opposites. Hate falls under Fears’ umbrella. Like acceptance falls under Loves’.

Fear is the illusion, the imagining of the end of your well-being. Can you have hate that is not fueled by fear? Yes, you can, but it can only come from a very wholehearted place.

No one likes to be afraid or experience fear but we all do. Fear does the only thing it knows to. In this way it is similar to Love. Fear may be called the dark-side of Life. Don’t be afraid of Fear. Stare it in the face and conquer it one intimidating experience at a time.

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