Tribe of I AM

What is The Tribe of I AM?

The Tribe of I AM (TOIAM) is open to everyone, with awareness that This Tribe is that of the human family. Though we have been taught to focus on how different we are and have allowed differences to define our source of worth and belonging, TOIAM knows that, at the core, we all hold the same values, and are made of the same substance. Though our diversity is evident, it is not an issue of division. Our diversity is an issue of beauty. TOIAM exists for those who choose to acknowledge our seeming imperfection can be remedied. We choose to realize Who We Are, What We Are here to do, live our True Values, and experience our Full Potential.

Motto: “Navigating the human journey with inner-intelligence that is innate to everyone.”

Identity: Experience of True Self + True Values + True Purpose = Experience of Full Potential.

Description: A community built on Self-awareness and mutual respect by courageously assimilating Self-evident knowledge into wise action.

Mission: To help individuals connect to The Creative Process of their life through Self-knowledge.

Values: 1- Love 2- Humility 3- Vulnerability 4- Integrity 5- Community 6- Diversity 7- Leadership 8- Emotional Intelligence 9 – Peace

Insight Sentence: Our deepest Heritage is Who We Are- a profound, mysterious, and Self-evident-Subject that is far greater than the whole of religion and philosophy.

Range of Topics: Identity, Purpose, mind, body, soul, emotional intelligence, transformational change and growth, human performance and potential, congruence and coherence, the physical world as a mirror of events at the heart of humanity; how ancient wisdom has predicted our current struggles; love, family, cultural expectations, meaningful work and why it matters; creating the life you love; meditation, recovery.

Our deepest heritage is who we are. It is a profound, mysterious, and self-evident subject that is far greater than the whole of religion.” – Lance Howard

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