Road to True Love

Understanding and Finding Love

The “Road to True Love” is part of the Identity Process. “Love” has a powerful affect on our minds and bodies. We eventually learn that the ideals and feelings we typically hold about “love” aren’t always reality. We struggle with feelings of being unworthy and undervalued, with questions like, “How do I find my true love?”, “Why do they always leave me?”, “Why can’t I meet the right person?”, “Why did they treat me that way?” … We think, “No one will ever love me.”, or, “I’ll never love again.” There is a road leading to true love. You have to know how to access it and which direction to go.

Nothing can change the world like Love. It changes people, families, organizations, and entire cultures.

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Absolutely, yes! Even for someone like me who has been on an intensely-focused journey and pursuit of self-development and understanding of all things relational, I can say that this time was mind-blowing. Life-altering is somehow an understatement, because it truly affected the very core of my existence. This process has rooted me to myself in an irreversible way, and I would never want to go back to the old way. It will affect every relationship in my life and every future relationship with anyone, as I can now employ an awareness I did not have before.” – J. Marx, Identity Process participant

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