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“Becoming Sound”

THV is full of Soul, using the unique power, vibration, and frequency of Music to express the full capacity of humanity and human potential.

A band from Anchorage, Alaska that promotes the fun of bringing Life to community and entertainment by sharing Song and “concert”- agreement in purpose, feeling, and action. THV is here to allow Love to be The Song and Flow that It Is.

The Song is the Experience.

What note and chords do I choose to express Now? How will the album of my life sound? How will it fit in with the Music that’s been playing since the start of it All? What is Music saying through me? I must be a good listener to be a healthy part of the conversation and learn to express the original art of Life: sound, vibration, and frequency. More people would know how to better love themselves and the world around them if we realize this Vision.

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