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  • Purpose & Identity: Find and Follow Your Passion

Helping people and organizations develop successful lives by understanding their unique place in the world.

How personal mission and vision improves productivity.

How Identity Improves culture.

  • Leadership: Creating A Platform for others to fulfill their role.

Understanding human dynamics, potential, and performance to support teams for successful goal-reaching in healthy and highly productive cultures.

Accomplishing Unity in The Workplace

Creating A Culture of Thoughtfulness & Kindness 

How thoughtfulness and kindness creates effective organizations and teams.

Creating environments that inspire unity and cultivate quantum communication.

Understanding happy employees and organizational performance.

Finding passionate role fulfillment that inspires efficient teamwork.

  • Emotional Intelligence, Fitness, and Regulation: Managing The Chaos of Emotion

Minimizing negativity and drama to encourage unity, drive innovation, and increase productivity.

Accomplishing emotional intelligence that supports diversity and leads to valued goal-reaching.

Emotional awareness as key to personal and group success.

Overcoming Depression

Processing Death In The Family & The Workplace

Achieving Self-honor After Being Disregarded and Abandoned

Raising Respectable Kids Who Become Amazing Adults

Understanding Love: good will, passion, friendship, gratitude, humility

Recovery After Divorce

  • Fitness: How To Be Human

Nutrition and Pathways to Physical and Mental Fitness

  • Dream Interpretation: Aspirations and Mind-Movies

How Being true to Heart and Soul guides us toward success

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“I have felt an absolute shift in my life; what I prioritize and focus on, how I communicate with others, where I place “fault” or “blame” for reactions to attitudes or events have all become less ego-centered, less concerned with others and more focused on who I am and how I show up. There is still work to be done, but it’s work I am excited about as I continue to navigate life while honoring and respecting my true-self, realizing what I am here to do, and being love in all the ways…” – S. Carlon, Identity Process participant

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