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Welcome to “Bible” Redefined Library! You will have access to newly translated passages with audio, music, and quantum science research added. The THV Version of the ancient scriptures, has nothing religious to uphold. “Bible” Redefined is about sharing the lost secrets of Life in a way that is fully comprehensive, beyond what English translations have attempted over the centuries. The THV Version is free of dogma while clarifying religious confusion. These books tell a very certain Truth: that you are more than you’ve been told and Life, another way of translating the term “God”, wants you to succeed.

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Old Testament


The Beginning-ness : Genesis 1:1-11 & :20-31 Summary: The Start of It All, the how and why. Keywords: Pure Mind, Pure Potential, Awareness, Consciousness, Singularity, First Breath, Primordial Flow, manifestation, subconscious, uni-verse.

The Image of God – Genesis 1:26-28
Summary: What it means to be “created in the image of “God”. Keywords: totality, true self, sacred, harmony, purpose, consciousness, origin, potential, Sacred Reality, sound, universe, Source.

Man Formed of Dust – Genesis 2:7-8 Summary: The Power of being. Keywords: breath of life, Eden.

I AM, Be Perfect – Genesis 17:1 Summary: The same message from Genesis to Revelation. Keywords: Creative Consciousness, I AM, complete, wholeness.


I AM – Exodus 3:13-15 Summary: “God” appears to Moses as a burning bush and reveals His name. Keywords: Does God have a name? Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Audio (click to listen)

10 Commandments/The Invisible Principles : Exodus 20:1-17 Summary: Seeing deeper than 10 rules to be followed Keywords: law, Moses, commandments.


Love Your Neighbor – Leviticus 19:18 Summary: Love depends on your relationship with You. Keywords: Self, One.


The Blessing – Numbers 6:22-27 Summary:  This passage reveals  what the largest part of “God’s” purpose and desire is. The true nature of “blessing”. Keywords: illuminate, identity, rhythm, harmony, character, essence, consciousness, purpose.

God IS One – Deuteronomy 6:4-5 Summary: Love “God” with all you heart, soul, and strength. Keywords: courage, emotion, love, affection. Audio (click to listen)

1 Samuel

Man After His Own Heart- 1 Samuel 13:14 Summary: The man who is chosen. Keywords: heart, champion, prince, honor, seat of life.


Kiss The Child- Psalm 2 Summary: The encouragement is connected to The Great Promise of Identity. Keywords: Heir, Royalty, Influence, Parent.

My Shepherd: Psalm 23 Summary: Knowing The Great Shepherd. Keywords: guide, counsel, providence, peace, rest, sacred breath, essence, grief, distress, fear.

Who Shall Ascend? Psalm 24 Summary: Instant access for those who know the way. Keywords: deliverance, freedom, welfare, prosperity, Jacob, gates, sacred place, royalty, abundance.

The Secret – Psalm 25:12-14 Summary: The I AM is the best kept secret in the uni-verse. Keywords: soul-food, spiritual growth, life-mastery, true success.

Your Strength & Light When The World Fails- Psalm 27 Summary: No matter the circumstances, this is the key to your power when everything seems to be falling part. Keywords: principal, sacred, The Enjoyable Reality, Magnificent Space, The Veiled Place of Protection, discovery, prosperity, welfare, victory, freedom, abundance, true identity. 

Be Still & Know/The River of the Sacred Place – Psalm 46
Summary: The Flow of Self-empowerment breaks the bond of all troubles, is present, sufficient, and easy to attain in times of adversity and stress. Keywords: refuge, strength, hope, safety, comfort, stress, Sacred Flow, Sacred Residence, Sacred Rest, consciousness.

You are “gods” : Psalm 82 & John 10 Summary: You are “gods”, children of The Most High Keywords: heirs, descendants, supernatural, certified.

The Secret Place: Psalm 91
Summary: Where is The Secret Place? How can we get there? How do we access it? Keywords: force-field, shelter, pure power, safety, rest.

Manifest : “Meditate” on The “Word” – Psalm 119:15, 48, 147-148 Summary: Realize your inherent connection to the “Word”. Keywords: ancient-way, living reality, guiding principles, sacred promise, intention, creative principle, counsel, create, “I Exist”.


The Fear of the “Lord” 1 – Proverbs 1:7 & 9:10 Summary: “God” isn’t trying to scare anyone! Keywords: knowledge, instruction, discipline, doctrine,  peace, power, awareness, consciousness, vision.

Direct Path: Proverbs 3
Get Wisdom, The Divine Feminine 1: Proverbs 4:7
Guard Your Heart: Proverbs 4:23-27 Summary:  The heart as the center of life’s energy flow and why you should learn to protect and use it wisely. Keywords: heart, life issues, diligence, life path.

Divine Feminine 2- Proverbs 8 Summary: Who is She? What is her purpose? Keywords: wisdom, courage, existence, life, love, delight, beginning.

Divine Feminine 3 – Proverbs 9 Summary: The Identity and Purpose of Wisdom and her Ego-Twin.  Keywords: Sacred Sense, invitation, presence, nourishment, wine, daring-bravery, courageous heart.

True Witness- Proverbs 14:25 Summary: Truth is in harmony with the universe. Keywords: integrity, deceit, social responsibility, conscious awareness.

Speaking Life – Proverbs 15:4 Summary: Speech that gives life and speech that diminishes it. Keywords: humble, gentle spirit, ego, self-interest, medicine, cure, healing, wound, sick, dis-eased, whole, renewal, heart, bringing, tranquility, chaos, sustain, nourish, preserve, repair, and restore, life-energy, spirit, and will-power.

You Are As You Think – Proverbs 23:1-7 Summary: We become what we think. Keywords: rich, powerful, desire, emotion, passion, creative intelligence, intention, focus.

The House That Stands – Proverbs 24:3-4 Summary: Wisdom is the manual to build a successful life. Keywords: family, success., house.

The Honor of Kings- Proverbs 25:2 Summary: The True definition of royalty. Keywords: secret, mystery, hidden, truth, search, investigate, examine.


Meaningless, Vanity, & The Conclusion- Ecclesiastes Summary: The wisest and richest man on the planet says everything in life is meaningless and later concludes there is a reason, a point of focus, identity and purpose. Keywords: meaning, dissatisfaction, house, home-owner, secrets, nihilism.


The Promise of a “Child” : Isaiah 9 Summary: The emerging child, for whom no thing is impossible. Keywords: hero, warrior, counselor, mentor, fulfillment, harmony, family, self-existent, 3-D, prosperity, abundance, mind, body.

Voice In The Wilderness: Isaiah 40:3-5 Summary: The path to fulfillment requires personal excavation and cultivation. Life will bloom in the desert. Keywords: healing, calling, Sacred Way, powerless, balance, prosperity, emotional intelligence.

Wait With Expectation- Isaiah 40:28-31 Summary:  Waiting on The Great I AM, and no one else, is the most sure way to increasing health and wealth. Keywords: depression, hardship, worn out, hope, strength.

I AM: The Beginning & The End – Isaiah 41, 44, 48  Summary: I AM is before the beginning and after the end. Keywords: ego, Israel, ancestor, antiquity, self-existent.

Flowering Of The Deserted Garden – Isaiah 61:1-4 Summary: All the love you could ever desire is searching for you to find it. Keywords: freedom, power, healing, balance, justice, new age, Zion, moral, ethical, equity, prosperity.

A Tree Planted By The Water: Jeremiah 17 Summary:  Your life is like a tree planted by water or in the desert. Keywords: hope, security, success.

Deceitful Heart: Jeremiah 17 Summary: The heart is not deceitful, it is wounded. Keywords: intelligence, consciousness, hopes, dreams, emotion, perception, affection, pain, struggle.


The Sign of The Sabbath – Ezekiel 20:18-20 Summary: The Sacred Signal of your Compact with the Great I AM Keywords: wilderness, sabbath, hallow


Tithe/Tenth & Storehouse : Malachi 3:10 Summary: The Tenth is more than a percentage! Keywords: storehouse, Israel, Abraham.

The Path to Enlightenment: Malachi 4 Summary: If you seek the Master, you surpass those who do not. Keywords: tranquility, healing, freedom

New Testament

Call His Name “Jesus”/”God” With Us – Matthew 1:21-23 Summary:
His Name contains his Purpose and Identity. Keywords: Jesus, Mary, Samuel, Moses, salvation, rescue, healing.

Kingdom” & “Repent”- Matthew 3:2 and 4:17 Summary: This is true self-empowerment, total self-power. Keywords: self-empowerment, meditate, identity, purpose, ego, mind, heart, soul.

Those Who Are “Blessed” – Matthew 5:1-12 Summary: The characteristics of being “blessed”, which means fortunate, well off, happy, right on the mark, level, prosperous, stable, strong, and guided. Keywords: happy, prosperity, strength, ego, wealth, influence, purpose, identity, counsel, stability, dis-ease, wounded, sick, desire, affection, peace, integrity, virtue, vibration, criticism, inspiration.

The Pure Heart Sees “God”- Matthew 5:8 Summary: Staring you in the face everyday. Keywords: thoughts, affections, purposes, errors, mistakes, guilt, sincere, blameless, innocent, genuine.

The Light of The World – Matthew 5:14-16 Summary: The Light makes us up, totally. We are not separate from It. We are one with It. Keywords: illumination, intelligence, knowledge, awakening, enlightenment.

Be “Perfect” – Matthew 5:43-48 Summary: What “perfection” is really about. Keywords: love, good-will, insult, harmony, tune, balance.

Manifest : The Secret Place of “Prayer” – Matthew 6:6-8 Summary: How to enter and what is available in the secret place of “prayer”. Keywords: secret chamber, storehouse, thought, wish, intention, vision, Creative Intelligence.

The Lord’s Prayer” – Matthew 6:9-15 Summary: How to pray- understanding the nature of “God”, The Uni-verse and your place in It. The most rich passage ever Keywords: Parent, Uni-verse, manifest, determination, intention, hidden pasts, secret debts, stolen property, unripe inner fruit, frustrated hopes, tangled threads, accidental offenses, The Fully Formed Extension of Power, purpose, Creative Word, Empowering Vision.

Where Is Your Treasure? – Matthew 6:19-24 Summary: Seeking riches that are susceptible to ruin is like being blind. Accumulating riches that cannot fade away is like good sight. Keywords: truth, perception, sight, wealth, money

Seek The “Kingdom” First: Matthew 6:31-34 Summary: We’ve been taught to seek resources from the wrong authority. Keywords: anxiety, distraction, justice, balance, stability, mind, heart.

Manifest :
Ask, Seek, Knock – Matthew 7:7-12 Summary:
The Divine Parent of the Universe is ready to give you everything needed for your inner growth, harmony, and balance. Keywords: wisdom, nourishment, answer, belief, personality, identity.

House on Sand: Matthew 7:24-27 Summary: How to be a master-builder of your life. Keywords: perceive, discern, judge, stability, success, wisdom.

Manifest : According to you Faith – Matthew 9:27-30a Summary: Blindness is more about faith than eyesight. Keywords: faith, trust, reality, create, compassion.

Lose Your Life to Find It : Matthew 10:37-40 Summary: Nothing in this world is more important than your true self. Keywords: affection, sentiment, family, life-force, vitality, energy.

Kingdom Suffers Violence – Matthew 11:12 Summary: Humans can apply “force” to heavenly realm. Keywords: self-empowerment, realm of light, energy, vibration, application

Come toMe” (Invitation) – Matthew 11:2530 Summary: Your true nature invites you to the ultimate revelation. Keywords: consciousness, awareness, blueprint, intelligence, ease, rest.

Treasure Hidden in a Field: Matthew 13:44 Summary: In the most common, seemingly average, place is where It is found. Keywords: heaven, field, Real Estate.

Peter Knows “I AM” – Matthew 16:13-19 Summary: Peter intuitively knew is the message The Truth Which We All Are- the Progeny of The Great I AM. Keywords: rock, create, manifest, fortune, happiness, prosperity, vision, principles, vibration, energy.

Take Your Cross and Follow: Matthew 16:24-26  Summary: What could you trade for your own soul? Keywords: self-discovery, identity, direction, purpose, freedom, love, death, success through tragedy

Greatest In The Kingdom – Matthew 18:1-4 Summary: Simplicity, humility, and trust are characters of the greatest in the “kingdom”. Keywords: child, heart, humility

When Two or More Gather: Matthew 18:18-20 Summary: Secrets of prayer, creativity, and manifestation. Keywords: creative vision, vibration, sound, light, energy, chord, harmony, symphony, instruments.

The “Greatest” Commandment : Matthew 22:36-40 Summary: What is the essence of the greatest commandment? Keywords: love, self, neighbor.

I AM With You – Matthew 28:20 Summary: I AM Is The Only Presence there is. Keywords: story, journey, song, creativity, support, non-local, local.


Eternal Sin – Mark 3:22-29 Summary:  Not knowing Who You Are separates you from Your Self. Keywords: Ancient-Whispering Liar, breath of life, conscious awareness, Lord of the Flies, dark energy.

Deny Yourself – Mark 8:34-38 Summary: Deny yourself to save your life. Keywords: attachment, let go, self-image, self-denial, Original Path, culture, ego, conditioning.

Manifest : All Things Are Possible- Mark 9:23 Summary: 
“You have to let it all go…fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.” Keywords: belief, confidence

In My “Name” – Mark 9:41 Summary: The name is more than a word. Keywords: energy, power, essence, water, sacred ground.

It’s All Good: Mark 10:18

Manifest: Believe And It Will Be Yours – Mark 11:22-26 Summary: Keys to manifesting a life your love through “prayer”. Keywords: anxiety, apprehension, confusion, insecurity, tension, uncertainty, trust, manifest, intention, envision, awareness, perception, intuition, wisdom


The “Kingdom” Within – Luke 17:20,21 Summary: The most true and powerful location in the universe. Keywords: empowerment, vision, power, purpose, counsel, sacred, creativity, ego.

“Son of Man” to Seek & Save –  Luke 19:10 Summary: The longing within all of us. The game we are all entangled in. Keywords: birthright, Sacred Reality, heirs, rebuild, repair.

What is “God”? What is “the Beginning”? – John & 1 John Summary: “God” is just a western term. The Being it is meant to describe is beyond description. Keywords: energy, unity, spirit, source, love, peace, connection

The Start of It All – John 1:1-5 Summary: The beginning of time and space. Keywords: narrative, program, conscious awareness, reality, purpose, energy.

The Word Made Flesh – John 1:9-14 Summary: The One & Only came into physical form! This is the only thing that is always happening.  Keywords: Intelligence, Conscious, Awareness, Freedom, Truth, Logos, Creative, Selfhood, Light, Manifestation.

Born Again – John 3:1-10Summary: This is about awakening and increasing enlightenment! Keywords: empowerment, I AM, freedom, source, Spirit, sabbath, Pure Potential, limitless, self-discovery.

“God” So Loved the “World” – John 3:16-21 Summary: The Greatest Love Keywords: goodwill,  affection, world-system, cultural-matrices,delusional models, misleading patterns.

The One From “Above” – John 3:31-36 Summary: A much broader scope than religion has every told us. Keywords: beginning, he-she-it-that-one, logos, agape-child, energy.

Seeing “God”/ I AM- Bread of Life – John 6:45-51 Summary: How simple it is to perceive and experience The Parent of The Universe. Keywords: bread of life, manna, heaven, life force.

Rivers of Living Water – John 7:37-39 Summary: Rivers of living water from within. Keywords: spirit, rivers, waters.

I Am Light for the World – John 8:12 Summary: The “I Am” brings true knowledge on the mystery of Life. Keywords: I Can, creativity, rhythm, tune, knowledge, energy, sensation, connection, teacher, coach, master, illumination, awareness, presence, self-love, self-knowledge.

Free Indeed – John 8:31-36 Summary: Freedom is the result of Truth. Truth is divine wisdom accessible from within, not from the logical mind. Keywords: consciousness, self-realization, Cabin of Tranquility, harmony, principles of life, quantum science, identity, purpose.

I AM: Before Avraham Was: John 8:58 Summary: I AM is before everything. Keywords: Conscious Awareness, Love, Abraham.

I AM : The Door & Shepherd – John 10 Summary: Learn what keeps you from accessing the sacred doorway. We are all sheep trying to find our place of security and belonging. Keywords: thief, steal, ego, rhythm, harmony, leadership.

I AM the Way : Places of Rest – John 14:1-7 Summary: The way, the truth, the life. Keywords: anxiety, distress, Source, dwelling, abundance, universe, spiritual growth, purpose, course of life, mode of action, empowerment, journey, connection, illusion, awareness, unity.

Spirit of Truth 1 & I AM- John 14:15-20, 26 Summary: Who and what is the “Spirit of Truth?” Keywords: true reality, connection, Comforter, Helper, Assistant.

I AM: The Vine – John 15:1-8 Summary: There is One Vine of which you are branch. Keywords: stem, plant, farmer, fruit, logos, unified.

No Greater Love : John 15:9-15 Summary: There is no greater love than This. Keywords: diversity, unity, guiding principles, Sacred Love, authority,  character, light, sound, vibration, essence, energy.

The Spirit of Truth 2 – John 15:26 Summary: The Truth will set you free. Keywords:  Comforter, Helper, Assistant, True Reality, Parent of The Uni-verse.

Spirit of Truth 3 – John 16:13-15 Summary: Being guided into all Truth. Keywords: True Reality, whole reality, complete reality. 

Overcome : I Have – John 16:33 Summary: You have been given the power to overcome the struggles of this world. Keywords: wellness, congruence, coherence, harmony, concord, prosperity, balance, courage, stress, anxiety.

The Prayer for “Unity in Diversity” – John 17:15-26 Summary: It’s all about Unity. Keywords: false reality, matrix, Cosmic Word, Logos, true reality.


Manifest : Call It As Though It Were – Romans 4:17 Summary: Faith in practice. Keywords: trust, incite, order, command, breath of life, awakening.

Renewing The Mind – Romans 12:1-2 Summary: Allow the transforming of your mind through your connection to Sacred Breath. Keywords: divine will


Divine Feminine 4: The Mind of Christ – 1 Corinthians 2:4-16 Summary: You have access to The Original Intellect and Source of all thinking, information, and communication. Keywords: cognitive framework, mindset, reason, paradigm, Sophia.

The Temple of God- 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 Summary: You are The Temple. Keywords: temple, spirit, sacred.

Your Body Is The Sacred Space – 1 Corinthians 6:17-20 Summary: The worst form of Self-degradation. Keywords: power, prostitution, sexual intercourse, value, prize, renown.

What is Love? –  1 Corinthians 13 Summary: Goodwill and affection due to full awareness of Sacred Unity, the interdependent one-in-the-Same-ness Keywords: I AM, unity in diversity, cooperation, one-in-the-same, universe.

Unveiled Face2 Corinthians 3:1218 Summary: Hiding our faces conceals the truth of who we truly are. Keywords: Moses, Archetype, veil, freedom, mirror.

Now Is The Time- 2 Corinthians 6:1-2 Summary: Today Is The Day. The Only Moment Is Now.  Keywords: today, now, time, salvation, favor, influence, help.

Inner War – 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 Summary: The true battle is within (your mind). Keywords: contend, conflict, passion, physical body, maturity, resistance, compliance, judgments, suppositions, conditioning, conclusions, barrier, defiance, offensive strategies, mental perception, prisoner of war.

Examine Yourself – 2 Corinthians 13:5 Summary: This is all you need to know. Keywords: test, christ, anointed, truth, knowledge.


Freedom in One Word – Galatians 5:1, 6, 13-14 Summary: Understand the experience and reality of this one word and you are enlightened. Keywords: solution, anointed, liberation, love, law, principle, blueprint, unity.

Walk in the Spirit – Galatians 5:16-18
Summary: The Sacred Walk gives you the power to overcome the distractions and passions of physical existence. Keywords: Sacred Way, Breath of Life, Sacred Breath.

Walk in the Spirit II :  Galatians 5:16-25 Summary: The clear difference between ego-mind and True Mind, False-Self and True Self. Keywords: mind, spirit, creative, principle.

Sow & Reap- Galatians 6:7-9 Summary: “You have to let it all go…fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.” Keywords: eternal life, harvest, plant, breath of life, courage, exhaustion, wisdom, relationships.


Submit: Wash in The Water of The Word – Ephesians 5:21-33 Summary: Mutually and reciprocally place yourselves under one another in respectful unity of and with The True One. Keywords: men, women, husbands, wives.


To Die Is Gain- Philippians 1:21 Summary: Proverbial Death Keywords: vital power, advantage, transformation.

The Peace of “God” – Philippians 4:6-8 Summary: How to access the ultimate in peace. Keywords: anxiety, emotional hardship, prayer, vision, support, defense, opportunity, hope, love.

Through “Christ” – Philippians 4:13 Summary:  You have no idea how much support you are being given! Keywords: inherent power, miraculous strength, anointing, empowerment.


The Firstborn of All Creation – Colossians 1:12-22 Summary: The Agape-Child who sets everything right and hold everything together. Keywords: intelligence, illumination, Archetype, Agape-Child, Hero, Unity, essence, distilled, fermented.

1 Timothy:
The Root of Evil – 1 Timothy 6 Summary:  Not money, but the love/lust thereof. Keywords: business, truth, corruption, consumption, sacred way, greatest gain, personal gain, lusts, wealth, divine character.

2 Timothy:

Sound Mind – 2 Timothy 1:7 Summary: The gift is Flawless Mind Keywords: conscious awareness, fear, timidity, miraculous, abundant power, discipline, self-control, sober, stability.


The Pure Mind – Titus 1:15-16 Summary: Pure Mind is our essence, our inheritance, our Identity for we are the “image of God”. Keywords: pure, creativity, power, consciousness, conscious awareness.

The “Word” of “God” – Hebrews 4:12-13 Summary: The “Word” of “God” is beyond imagination, yet we are surrounded, sustained by, and always using it. Keywords: program, formula, narrative, logic, soul, concept, organization.

What is Faith? – Hebrews 11:1-3 Summary: You can’t live without “faith”. Keywords: confidence, conference, congruence, vision.

The Result of Training: Hebrews 12 Summary: Rise up to the quality of your true self!  Keywords: discipline, freedom, education, tutoring, cultivation of mind, maturity, coherence, emotional health, birthright.

1 Peter:

Be “Holy” as I AM- 1 Peter 1:15-16 Summary: The I AM Is Sacred Keywords: holy, as it is written.


Divine Feminine 5: Lacking Wisdom? James 1:1-8 Summary: Another reference to Wisdom as the Being who initiates transformation in human lives. Keywords: Identity, endurance, hope, perfection, character, Perfect Mind, Sophia, Hochmah, confidence, life’s journey.

Perfect Principle of Unrestrained Life – James 1:22-25 Summary: Understand and skillfully use The Creative Principle to live a prosperous life of happiness and stability. Keywords: Logos, Cosmic Language, Formula, Thought, Program, Functional Organization, Reason, Sacred Message, Love.

The Power Of The Tongue – James 1:26 Summary: Speak with love or do not speak at all. Keywords: religion, deception, anger, love.

The Royal Principle – James 2:8 Summary: The Royal Principle is The Preeminent Foundation and The Established Universal Custom Keywords: goal, sacred, unity, essence, nature, interdependence, cooperation, universe.

World On Fire – James 3:2, 5-8 Summary: How the things you say have the power to set the world on fire. Keyword: genesis, tongue, words.

1 Peter:

Be “Holy” as I AM- 1 Peter 1:15-16 Summary: The I AM Is Sacred Keywords: holy, as it is written.

Love Covers Everything- 1 Peter 4:8 Summary: Love is the answer WHEN you truly know what Love is. Keywords: sin, mistake, error, cover.

Sober Mind I (The “Devil) – 1 Peter 5:8 Summary: Who and what is, and how do we overcome, the “devil”? Keywords: mentality, enemy, liar, free will.

I John:

Light & Dark, from the Beginning – 1 John 1 Summary: The Creative-Source, is intelligent light that illuminates what is unknown, awakening and making sense of existence. Keywords: harmony, creative, intelligence, illumination, disorder, chaos, violence, mystery.

Love Not The World?- 1 John 2:15-17 Summary: Realize the Truth and put That above everything (all the lies). Keywords: love, unity, matrix, principles, wealth, dogma, power, arrogance, I Am.

God Is Love & Spirit: 1 John 4 & John 4 Summary: “Spirit” also means wind and breath. Keywords: love, breathe, affection, welfare, meditation, quantum physics

Overcome: The One in You – 1 John 4:4-6 Summary: Knowing True Reality vs. delusion. Keywords: cultural matrix, world-system, mindset, beliefs, reality, delusion.

Seeing “God” – 1 John 4:12-13 Summary: No normal person has ever seen The Sacred One face to face but there is a way to be more than “normal”. Keywords: goodwill, affection, Sacred Unity, interdependence.

Perfect Love Is Free of Fear – 1 John 4:14-18 Summary: Understanding what love actually is, is the way to live free of fear. Keywords: Love, Fear, Descendant, unity, cooperative, affection, goal, conclusion, fear.


I AM: A & Z – Revelation Summary: The Ever-Present Power of The Great I AM Keywords: Alpha, Omega, Pure Consciousness, Awareness, I Exist, Original Originator, Life Force, Source, Self-Aware, Commencement, Precedent

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