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What is God? An answer free of religious dogma

Modern religious teaching and translations contribute to a cultural Matrix that influences how we see the world, one another, and ourselves. They often lead to self-doubt, guilt, shame, codependency, and division. Our religious paradigms have left us clueless about who we truly are and what life is truly about. “Bible” Redefined is bridging science and ancient wisdom to reveal the truth about our nature and what we are capable of so we can understand the Being, or Power, we have called “God”, what Life is, and how we can understand the purpose of it all.

The Ancient Book, called The Bible, shares the lost secrets of Life in ways that are fully comprehensive, so we can own the keys of abundant living. The truths contained within The Bible are self-evident! Meaning it’s intention is not to encourage legalistic observation and memorization but experiential knowledge!

Bible Redefined is going above and beyond what typical English translations have attempted over the centuries, free of religious dogma, division, and elitism, to clarify purpose, meaning, and wisdom for lives of true fulfillment and true satisfaction. 

In Bible Redefined Library, you will have access to the complete library of newly translated passages with audio, quantum science information, and other interesting parallels from around the world. The ancient books within The Bible tell a very certain truth: that you are more than you’ve been told and your success is already available!

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The term “God” can also be translated as The Animating Power(s), Intelligent Awareness, Pure Consciousness, Simple Presence, and Guiding Principle. (See “What is “God”? for other ways to translate the term “God” from the ancient languages.) This knowledge, when truly understood, is key to power that you can use in your life. We have attempted to construct ideas of “God”, “life”, “love”, “death”, and “eternity” but we only water-down ancient knowledge and repackage it. We fail to realize the proof of our inadequacy is shown in the sickness of our bodies, our minds, our emotions, lack of social justice, and inability to steward our planet.

The experience we call “spirituality” should be the pinnacle of knowing Love and connection. But, religion can be a crutch for the ego and, so, in most cases, only provides further division and misunderstanding of the true nature of an Intelligent Presence we call “God”, which also reflects our own nature.

Our English word “Bible” is a transliteration of the Greek and Latin word “biblos” which means “Book“.  This collection of books we call the “Bible”, originally consists of rich, poetic, ancient languages (Hebrew and Aramaic) which, naturally, reveal deep wisdom of the unified principles of Life. The large majority of these books were written to ancient Hebraic and Semitic peoples. If we do not understand their culture and ideology, we will misunderstand and misuse their writings. Western-ideology and language has tainted these truths and painted a religious picture that has confused, angered, and stifled many.

The meaning of the messages in the “Book” are revealed in the ancient words and even the letters of the words. Even how a word sounds reveal deep connections. Then, there are the phrases, the sentences, and how the sentences relate to one another, how the paragraphs fit into the context of the chapter, how the chapter fits into the flow of its own book, and how that specific book contextually fits, and connects, to all the other books. These writings have a uniquely rich essence because of the ancient, cultural mindset that makes these connections possible. That culture cannot be separated from its “God”, its “Divine Parent” and “Timeless Author”. The meaning of the Biblical scriptures is non-local. That means they may vary, yet exist simultaneously at all of the before mentioned levels in a very effective, relevant, and true way without contradicting one another and fully contributing to one another. The only way to find a contradiction in this Book is to misunderstand it ideologically, contextually, and by attempting to cross-reference it at inappropriate levels. Translating the ancient languages in a way that truly portrays their quantum meaning and application is no task for the culturally-conditioned scholar.

The graph below is a beautiful depiction of how interconnected the internal references of the Book are. The main line along the bottom has smaller lines of varying length coming down from it. The main line is plotted with many dots. Each dot represents a chapter in the Bible. The lines of varying length, under each dot, represent how many times that chapter is cross-referenced. The rainbow colored lines are the cross-references. This is an accurate portrayal of how much depth there is, BUT ONLY by cross-reference to chapters. This graph leaves out the connections of themes, verses, phrases, words, letters, numbers, between all paragraphs, chapters, and books! The content of this book is intricately woven. To tie this many people, times, places, themes, words, parables, stories, and genealogies into one unit that is meaningful while ONLY reading it at “face-value”, from a historical time period that spans more than 3,500 years, and more than 40 authors, can not be done by human design. Yet, there are still deeper levels of meaning beyond what can be found at “face-value”. In terms of human involvement, these connections are unplanned, but not in terms of the intentional involvement of Divine Intelligence, The Infinite Field of Being and Knowing, The Illimitable “I Am”, which we have called “God”.

In our culture, the Book called “The Bible” has been largely misunderstood, misrepresented and, so, misused. This has led to incredible amounts of division and atrocities performed in its name. “Bible” Redefined is an attempt to publish the writings of the ancient Book with respect to the perspective of its authors and original hearers, and showing the connection to quantum sciences. By exploring the original understanding of subtle nuances and poetic idioms of the ancient languages, the THV Version renders a translation that is as close to their Ancient-Eastern Semitic way of thinking as possible. It has taken many years of study, contextual experience with the texts, skill with unique language tools, thousands of hours of translating, and personal application. The message of The Book is singular though it is presented in various forms (“One in Many” and “Unity in Diversity” are more ways to translate the term “God”). The message is mysterious but equally accessible to all of us as long as we can properly extract the meaning and understand how to apply it.

The deep wisdom of the unified principles of Life and empowered living are no longer disguised from the average reader.

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