Love Is Not Needy.

Few people understand why neediness is a type of enslavement.

 Neediness is not Love.

Our culture conditions us with the codependency of neediness. It is a sickness that plagues our lives and relationships with arrogance and pain.

If you say, “They need me.” Then help them realize the truth so they can thrive when you are gone. What truth? You aren’t promised to be around forever.

If you say, “I need them/you.” Take responsibility for your self in EVERY way. Set them and yourself free so your relationship can be full of joy and true Love.

If they say, “I need you.” Walk with them in the direction of freedom. Needing others is an illusion based in emotional attachment. Understanding what “Love” actually means is key.

If this is scarring you or makes you feel anxious then you have proof that you are missing something because Love does not fear neither does Love need. Love doesn’t have to cling on.

In intimate relationships we are told it’s ok to have “needs”, and to communicate them. This is an emotional trap for you (the “needy”) and the person expected to oblige those needs. Neediness, and the expectations that follow, does not prove Love, it shows self-ignorance and arrogance. The cultural narratives we are given about “love” and our “needs” are not the solutions Life is pushing us to understand.

Your “needs” will betray you and the ones you “love” until you find the truth: fulfillment is never found in others.

What is love, then? How can you be a healthier part of your relationships? Make an appointment today.

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