How to Live Love

We are called to express Love and the only way to express Love, truly, is to experientially know Love as The Reality that IT IS.

I’ve heard some people say, “Love is a verb,” meaning it is an action. Some might say, “Love is a feeling.” The ancient scriptures say, “God is love,” therefore it must follow that Love, in truth, is God. If we use the word “love” but are not talking about God, The Infinite Intelligent Power, then we are misusing the word “love”. This is not an easy concept because our culture misuses the word “love” all the time and we have been conditioned to do the same.

If God is Love, then Love cannot be an action because God is not an action. It makes sense that God acts and, therefore, so does Love. Acting and being an action can not be the same thing. It is clear, then, Love is not something you do, Love expresses Itself and sometimes does so through you.

Sure, we can feel Love. That makes Love an emotion. We must understand that emotion is energy. So to say God is Love is to also say God is Energy. What else would The Infinite Intelligent Power (God) be besides Pure-Raw-Creative Energy which gives Life (energy) to everything? So we can conclude Love exists as God and God exists as Love, before everything else. God, Love, is not a verb. God, Love, is The Reason for everything. God, Love, is True Reality.
God is True Love and True Love is God. THAT (God-Love) is The Infinite Intelligent Power of Pure-Eternal-Primordial Energy which gives (shares like a gift) Life (energy) to everything. THAT action of giving, is the expression of Love. Love is The Reason.

You are called to express Love and the only way to express Love, truly, is to experientially know Love as The Reality that IT IS. Most of us have known “love” as a word BUT have not known Love as The Reality and Experience that IT Truly IS! The Infinite Intelligent Transforming Power of Pure-Eternal-Primordial Energy is Love. It is NOT a religious experience. It is Omnipotence-Omnipresence-Omniscience and you can consciously live IT daily.

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