Where Is Your Treasure?

*Newly translated and published on the “Bible Redefined” page.

Where Is Your Treasure?

Matthew 6:19-24

:19 Do not live from day to day to accumulate riches, as if your life and happiness is tied to them. Things corrode. People steal. Nothing lasts forever.

:20 You should spend your time accumulating true riches that cannot fade, spiritually, where there is no corrosion or theft.

:21 Wherever you store the things you consider good and precious, there your energy, life and existence will truly be.

:22 Your ability to understand (perceive)[truth] is what brings illumination to your soul-self. If the eye of your mind, your ability to understand (perceive) is clear and simple, without complication or confusion, your soul-self will be full of illumination, composed of light (of bright character).

:23 But if your way of perceiving, if the eye of your mind is full of labors, annoyances, hardships, diseased and blind, your whole soul-self will be full of ignorance. If then the knowledge (of truth/reality) you possess be obscure with loss of perceptive power, it is worse than physical blindness.

:24 You cannot subject, bind yourself to, and obey two authorities. You will dislike one and love the other. You can not side with The Highest and simultaneously your deified confidence in wealth (and the comfort it brings).

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