Relationship & Change

Relationships take you places. Or, at least, I think they should. They take you to places you may have been aware of but, perhaps, had no reason to think you would end up.

If you’re not ready to be changed by relationship then you may not be ready for it. The realization that you are not ready can sometimes be a journey in and of itself. Relationship will change you and you WILL end up broken-hearted or the heart-breaker. We are all ripe and ready for change though we, emotionally or responsibly may not be ready for relationship. By ripe and ready, I mean the necessity for change can come to us at any moment whether we think we want to or not. Mysteriously, relationship can be the catalyst that requires us to stare change in the face.

Relationship has literally carried me many miles and has caused me to imagine exponentially more. In those miles came many crossroads. Crossroads are always interesting and, sometimes, a bit stressful. But change, at the right time, is beneficial. That doesn’t mean it will be easy or make perfect sense. But it might! Sometimes it just feels right which, again, doesn’t mean ease or perfection.

Often times change can be frightening. For whatever reason, usually unbeknownst to us, we don’t feel ready to move in the direction the relationship is asking us to go. What are we afraid of? But at the right time we find the ability to grow beyond our old ways- our box of existence, see new possibilities and find the creative energy to do something new.

Relationships can take you places. Relationships take you to places you may have been aware of but, perhaps, had no reason to think you would end up. Are you open to that?

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