The Experience of Life

From the start it is an awakening. From another world, realm and state of being we come into this one.  There is more than we realize: new senses to utilize and different ways to use the familiar ones.

This experience is uniquely special – to live, breathe, see, perceive, make decisions, feel emotion and consider the reason why. The appearance and processes of this existence may be esteemed as naturally material by our estimation but who says our estimation is the only one that matters? Let us consider: Nothing functions without energy. There is an energy behind it all, every action – running through and pervading all. Where is its’ source? If the human experience is unique then the energy and, or, a specific component of being human must also be unique. What and how is the initial spark of this existence fueled? What is the original function or action that begins or leads to this grand experience we humans call and perceive as “life”?

We live in this deep sea of something extraordinary. We live, breathe and exist in This. We think and work in This. We play, sing and cry in This. Everything we love and hate, the lenses we see through into the movie of this experience and the role we play in this movie; the very fact that we can perceive it all as well as dream of other things and places is supernatural expression- uniquely special.

Love and fear dominate this experience. Love is where we belong but the experience requires that we struggle by wrestling with the dark side of our being. Yin and Yang; clarity and confusion; light and dark; love and fear.

I’d like to propose that calling this experience “uniquely special” might be synonymous to calling it sacred and, or, divine. We experience more of our own divinity (sacredness), and that of the world around us, the more selfless we become. This requires the conquering of fear and the freedom to release our ego rather than clinging to its fearful demands of doubt, disbelief, close-mindedness, selfishness, shame, blame, competing, victim mentality and other forms of self-preservation.

What is the experience of life? A uniquely special (divine, sacred) process and awakening to the fact that the same is within us and all around us. We are able to grow more like and intuitively merge more into this in ever-increasing stages. In this maturing we become more of who we truly are- our truest nature; the place in which our heartfelt goals can become reality. But, we cannot do it on our own. We need one another. We need help. We need true love. We need connection. We need true friendship. We need mentoring and coaching. We need humility.

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