What is Love?

It has been said, “God is love.” Love is divine. Love is the feeling we get while experiencing the connection we have with someone or a group of people.
Love is powerfully creative. Love is encouraging. Love expands the heart and the mind.

Love is strong. Love is a noun and a verb. It is and it does; True love, not simple infatuation. True love, not codependence.

Love is greater than anything. It fuels sacrificial selflessness and the most wonderful intimacy. Without Love we can have no real, meaningful, deep connection with someone else. Without Love our world would be altogether different. Love is the wonder behind the most meaningful interactions.

Love is not fear or anger or impatience. Love is not sex. Love is committed, selfless, intimate, vulnerable, courageous, kind, gentle, humble, upholds and holds up no matter what. True love does not fail. Love is longstanding. Love is the greatest.

Love has boundaries. Love, ultimately, is not without condition. Love is one with wisdom. They agree in function – to enlighten humans for a life of peace through wonderfully mysterious experience.

Love is alive. Only in love can the height, breadth, and depth of everything be held.

If you want to know Love you must dwell in love; make it your home – your way of living, being, existing.

Love is an artist – creative. Love is affectionate. It expresses itself in goodwill for everyone, deep friendship, playfulness, sexuality, as well as love of the self. Love stands long. Love loves the lover first. Yes, the lover must love him/herself first.

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