This is Your Interpretation

We are the interpreters of every experience we have.  Personal interpretation comes with a wide variety and unlimited mix of possibilities. No one makes us feel or think or deal with these situations the way we do. But because of the creativity of our own mind, the sum of our own way of thinking, we decide how we will deal with these situations and how we will handle similar things in the future. This decision making is influenced by the suggestions of our environment- the things, conditions and people which have, and currently do, influence us.

One of the most common experiences of human nature is fear.  We have a need for emotional and physical safety that naturally induces the reaction: fear. But the truth is, our fears, worries, doubts and shames have no real power. They are not persons or things. They are our own interpretations; our own ideas. They are ultimately delusions. They are figments of our imaginations. Since they are not persons or things and have no real power then that means we are the ones with the real creative power.

We have the power to attach ourselves to our beliefs. We dangerously identify ourselves with our interpretations. So, our imagination appears to be reality when in fact it is not. This is a major realization: everything we see and do happens and goes through the filter of our own mind. Our experience of life is the sum of our own way of thinking.

There is a Reality that is behind everything that is happening. It is real Life. It is true or ultimate Power.  We, with our immense creativity, which has the same but individualized true Power behind it, give power and life to these illusions that separate us from the Reality- the experience of Love, Power and Limitlessness.

We are the ones who create the experience of lack and limitedness but we usually point the finger and the blame others. We want to blame others for what has happened to us and the way we feel.  Sure some of our experiences occurred because of the mistakes of others but no one can make us think or feel anything. Your mind and brain is only controlled by you though they are definitely influenced by suggestions. So, we choose how to interpret the situations on our own. We often wish people would not have done certain things. But even what they are doing or have done is the result of some sort of illusion in their own mind and, then, you allow it to create an illusion in your also. The illusion is always the same: that you are less worthy, less valuable, not as lovable or that something must be wrong with you or you are in some kind of danger. But the Reality behind everything, hiding in plain sight, is Love- full of Intelligence and Energy.

So, through the filter of our own mind- the way we see ourselves in the experiences we have, we allow all of these circumstances or situations we find ourselves in to blind us to what is Real. Unpleasant events may happen but that does not and will not change who you are – how valuable or worthy of connection you are.

All of these illusions (pains and frustrations) I deal with are creations of my own imagination and I am the one who attaches myself to these beliefs. These beliefs have no power on their own to attach to me. Beliefs are not persons or things. But I hold and use the power to attach myself to what I think is real.  So, all the hurt, pain, doubt, guilt and shame is what I’ve created. These are MY feelings, not Reality. It proves the power of my own creativity. I am a powerful being. I can create these negative beliefs that affect my whole world or I can stay consciously aware of the Reality and create in way that expresses freedom and love. Yes, behind it all, the Source of everything in Life is Life itself and Life promotes Life, which is Love. Every living thing is supported and sustained by Life, which includes me and you.

Similarly to the imagery of Plato’s Cave, Ernest Holmes said,”We have done this for so long in ignorance that we appear to be bound by the outlines of the forms which our ignorance has projected.”

Every act is a creation. Every creation enables the illusion of separation. But each creation, when seen as an act of creativity, is beautiful or at least can be seen as an expression of Power. What if we start paying attention to the beauty of creativity and the power behind it rather than allowing ourselves to become deluded by these things we see? You need what is behind the creation, the Source, not the creation itself. But you can and should express gratitude for the beauty of the creation; the very fact that such a possibility exists.

Can we see good where and when troubles appear? Yes, we can and, so, we can bring light into what seems to be darkness. Where does the darkness go when the light comes? The darkness, the trouble, was a condition, a belief, not a thing of itself. It was an appearance, not Reality. Darkness disappears back into the nothingness from which it came when the light appears. We have power over conditions and appearances. Light is always within you and you can always use it.

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