The Matrix and Re-relating

Last week I had lunch with a very good friend. He is one of the few people with whom I can talk about politics, religion, spirituality (yes, there is a difference), social, cultural and psychological issues and environmental concerns without the conversation becoming overly ego-driven and frustrating.

He was telling me about a 2-hour debate he watched between Billy Nye the Science Guy and a creation scientist. He described the format of the program and some of the arguments that were presented, including those that were less than credible. It seemed that the age of the earth was a primary concern during this debate.

I listened closely to what he was saying and as I did so I began to sense a familiar feeling of inner-agitation. This feeling is one I  experience when a “higher-wisdom” begins to boil from within.

When he concluded, that “inner boiling of higher wisdom” manifested with words that I felt, and still feel like, came from a wealthy Source of knowledge, which suddenly flooded my consciousness. I did not have a recorder there so I could later reiterate exactly the words that flowed, but it was something of similar effect to:

“None of our debates about the age of the planet or religion or politics, socio-economic issues matter if we don’t learn to understand and take care of the human heart. As long as the condition of humanity, our hearts, remain in a confused state of emotional immaturity (including greed, judgment, bias and prejudice), no amount of reform will ever be completely functional to heal the wounds we have experienced.”

We were meant for so much more than this. We have lost ourselves! We’ve forgotten and lost touch with who we are!

This is the truth: Very few of us are living in Reality- that is, consciously aware of It. We treat people, situations, circumstances and things as reflections of other people, situations, circumstances and things from past experiences. We have programmed our own way of seeing the world through our influences and personal motivators, whether beneficial or not, in order to survive our fears and find comfort in the midst of our insecurities. Yes, it is safe to say the way you see Life is not the way It actually Is. Furthermore, the illusions found within our collective worlds’ own belief system further complicate any attempt we make to actually experience Reality.

Yes, “the Matrix has you.” What you think you see and feel seem to be real, but I assure you they are illusions- figments of your and our collective imagination. All the pain and danger we can observe on our planet are the result of our imaginations- the way we think; the things we believe. Yes, in this way, we are powerfully creative.

If we are going to change our lives and our planet we must first change what we believe. This will, then and only then, change the way we think and, then, the way we act. This could lead to real lasting reform if, and ONLY IF, our beliefs are transformed to reflect the true nature of Life.

The poison of our misconceptions about the nature of Life has infiltrated every part of our lives. The poison of our misconceptions is what makes everything on this planet difficult. Everywhere you perceive difficulty or problems in your life, others lives and any of the issues of our planet, know without a doubt it is the result of human error- human misconception about Life. We don’t understand who we are, why we are here or what we’re doing.

We cannot change our relationship to anything or any one (including how we relate to our self), for the better; we cannot make these relationships healthier and more functional, until we first change our beliefs- the dysfunctional way(s) we see Life. Only this will change how we relate to ourselves and, then, how we relate to others and our planet.

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