“I’m Radioactive”- things that change your life forever


Have you ever experienced something, a personally unique thing, that changes your life forever? This experience leaves you inspired, awestruck and feeling fully alive; seemingly hypersensitive to the very breath of life… Of course you have! These experiences are unique to each of us and will draw our attention according to our individual nature, our skills, our talents, our gifts and our inclinations.

I was finally introduced to the famous a’capella group, Pentatonix, last month from the most unlikely source. As a seasoned musician and singer-song writer, I easily recognize musical skill, talent and gifts in a musical-nerd kinda way. It was easy to see through their rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” (<-click to view), Pentatonix is a vocal force of nature to be respected and held in a musically-honorable position. Beyond this, our world needs to take note of the divine creativity of such humans and, also, acknowledge that such access is only granted to us, humans.

I was able to watch Pentatonix climb to fame on the NBC TV show “Sing Off”. I stumbled upon this accidentally on YouTube, just hoping to hear more of their music and share it with my family. My simple search, which I expected to last about 10 or 15 minutes, lasted more than two and a half hours as I watched the whole season of “The Sing Off”, at the end of which they won every musicians dream. Each performance Pentatonix made on “Sing Off” was more outstanding than anything I’ve EVER heard or seen a’cappella. Their stage presence is HUGE! Every music video they do is astounding with creativity. I have been educated and trained in music genres, music history, music theory, music performance and I have NEVER seen or heard anything like Pentatonix!

So, about being “radioactive”. Radioactivity is no joke! According to a Ph.D. on About.com, radioactivity is when “unstable atomic nuclei spontaneously decompose to form nuclei with a higher stability. The decomposition process is called radioactivity. The energy and particles which are released during the decomposition process are called radiation. When unstable nuclei decompose in nature, the process is referred to as natural radioactivity.”

Basically, the composition of the form or body acted upon is changed forever! What was once unstable, or weak, breaks down to create something stable or stronger. Radioactivity changes the object forever! How is this unlike the nature of humanity? We are always evolving “spirmotiually” (the fusion of “spirit” and “emotion”). We are born to ascend from immaturity to maturity not just in a physical way but in a “spirmotiual” way.

Radioactivity would be closely related to “radiation”.  On the “Guidance for Radiation Accident Management” website, I learned that there are naturally radioactive elements, both outside and inside the bodies of humans and animals. It is also called natural radiation.

ra·di·a·tion ˌrādēˈāSHən
  1. the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, esp. high-energy particles that cause ionization.
    divergence out from a central point, in particular evolution from an ancestral animal or plant group into a variety of new forms.

To, keep this as short as possible, when you feel this kind of life-changing experience, you ARE being changed! Your whole energy is changed, broken down and made greater! This is what is behind the inspired, awestruck, fully alive and seemingly hypersensitive to the very breath of life feeling! This is a type of radioactivity. It changes you and it changes others too! Furthermore, when we find the talents and skills that naturally come from our hearts, we radiate with a certain positive energy that influences  the world around us, definitely and especially when we share it. Yes, sharing your natural born talents and skills, makes them into gifts for which many will express gratitude and will be inspired to live out their potential as well.

What I saw in the group, Pentatonix, lit a fire within me that touched my soul. It reminded me of the reason to love, the reason to sing, the reason to play my instruments, the reason to create my dreams, the reason to help others- the reason to live. Whoa! I’m radioactive! The radiation of Pentatonix helped change me. I have been affected by close proximity and receptivity to the gifts they decided they could NOT live without sharing.

Here’s a piece of wisdom worth chewing on:  how my, your and, apparently, many others personal need for conscious connection to Life and it’s divine expression to inspire us, attracted these five super-talented humans to one another at this time, in this age, in such a way and through all the ways of communication and sharing information! Believe this, it is like a dream come true for them as well! They are radioactive and we all, the whole world over, contributed to making that possible. The cycle will continue on, now, forever! Their energy will radiate to millions and millions will be inspired and this is the snowball of positively influencing a hurting world.

Recognize, every inspiring thing in life is designed by and for the good of us all, for Life is always hearing and forming the possibility of our hearts deepest desires and our greatest longings. In this world of metaphysics, we all play a role in the manifestation of such wonderful things- the creation of new and inspiring expressions.

The trefoil, the image at the top of this article, is the hazard symbol for radioactive material. But, the only warning necessary about this spiritual “radioactivity” is for those who lack courage, hope, faith and love. Change is always for the better of you and change is your very nature. Change is your birthright as a human. Why would you settle for less than the real you; a weaker or  unstable version? Claim what naturally belongs to you- Identity!

Through these experiences that change us forever, we all become radioactive! To end, on a slight tangent, I’d like to say that we certainly should not ignore the value of the arts and their influence on the well-being of humanity and yet we are allowing the arts to be removed from the education of our youth. This is detrimental to our future leaders and, then, to our world as a whole.

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