Peaceful Warrior


I have awakened three mornings in a row with thoughts I am very uncomfortable with; thoughts that become overbearing, habitual, sticky like glue- I can’t get it off me. What is the cause of these thoughts? FEAR… or call it worry, or call it concern or call it whatever will make you feel better about it. But, I am not so easily fooled. All emotions fit into 1 of 2 categories: 1- Love 2- Fear. All emotions, no matter how mirky they may seem are either mostly loving, or mostly fearful. They are never 50/50.

WTF? “Why The Fear?”, hah!

The word “trigger” is a verb that means: to set off or initiate. So, Why The Fear? Well, some circumstances arose that put me into a situation I was hoping to avoid. Thus, I experienced my own personal trigger that set me off and initiated fear!

I have seen this monster before. He waves his gnarling claws in my face while swelling his shoulders and  boasting his nasty, jagged teeth! When he unexpectedly, jumped out at me I looked at him carefully and considered my options. In my mind I knew what to do but I couldn’t keep his whispering words from entering into my psyche. He’s a liar! But I was afraid and so I listened and I believed what he had to say. Three days is a long time to let the monster come and go as he pleases…

But, I have spent many years learning to flex my spiritual muscles. I have spent adequate time training my mind for the warfare that wages within. I have learned that every difficulty is an opportunity to realize who I am. Every hard situation is a chance to take the next step toward a greater vision of myself and the person I choose to be. In this way, Life is Good, and I can make positive quantum leaps in awareness and emotional strength if I will harness the energy of the undesired “push” that requires a new quality of courage from me in such uncomfortable situations.

So, I was finally able to take up my sword and face my monster with peace and certainty. This is no fight. This is no sweat! I already know the outcome. I Am a Peaceful Warrior. This is why I am here: to slay my monster(s) with the knowledge of Truth! It is Truth that sets us free to be who we are.

“True satisfaction does not come from any material thing or any one.”

“Peace of mind is NOT based on what anyone, outside my self, does or does not do.”

“Being concerned with things I cannot control only creates stress for me and then I will share that stress with those around me.”

“I can contribute to turning this situation around by simply focusing in a positive way instead of on the monster itself.”

I must say, no matter what the circumstance, peace is ALWAYS available. But it is only tangible when you change your focus from what is bothering you to an appreciation that Life is always on your side even in the most difficult situations. In these situations we can be Peaceful Warriors, which will build an attitude of appreciation and love. Or we can be fearful- stressed and attempting to control. This will only lead to more frustration and keep us in an immature state of mind in which we continue to hang on to the illusion that every problem requires our “expertise” instead of our peace. But some of us will also choose to just put our heads in the sand and allow the monster to hover over us until the problem is overwhelming and we nearly lose our minds.

Am I a perfect Peaceful Warrior? Certainly Not! Am I skilled at it and live in awareness? Certainly! Do I mess it up sometimes? Oh, yes! But the good news is, I learn more and more about myself and the monster I create each time the battle arises. This means the strategy I formulate becomes more and more complete and perfection is on its’ way. This is the story of us all- the story of Life. Life doesn’t always appear perfect, but we get the advantage of being able to learn as we go. If we will remain open to that fact, we can change anything we desire by the content and expression of our own thinking.

Whether you know it or not, you were born to be a Peaceful Warrior. So, suite up! Look your monster(s) square in the face and start learning, start remembering! They won’t just go away, you have to take a stand!

If you will look at nature, Life, you will see that it is constantly surviving the elements of the environment and yet each creature has exactly what it needs.  Each piece of life lives in peace– without worry. We humans take on worry as a very unnecessary necessity. Life is on your side because you are alive. Life is what you are! Though, we humans have a tendency to destroy life, Life does not seek to destroy Itself. It promotes, grows and matures Itself. Open your eyes and see the Truth: We are One with It, just as a drop of water is one with the Ocean. Just as one breath is the same as the One Breath we all inhale and exhale. You are alive. You participate in this One Life. Life is on your side. This is why you can be a Peaceful Warrior and slay your monster(s).

If you haven’t seen the movie: “Peaceful Warrior”, it is about slaying personal monsters- beginning with the Ego. I highly recommend it.



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