About My Need for Power


I had a moment to look this issue directly in the eye because of a quick exchange that occurred between my wife and I. I wanted control of the situation and she did not appreciate my attempt to take it. I didn’t check to see if she was done speaking as our brief conversation about the particular scene came to an end. It was a simple,”Shh!”, as I pressed “play” on the DVD remote to continue our movie for the evening. Her glare was enough to warn me and also awaken me to what I was doing and to what I had done. I paused the movie again and apologized. I was impatient, I was careless and, in the simplest way, I was dominating. No matter how simple or unconscious it was, that is what I did. I was guilty.

One of the things that concerns me most about the present condition of our world is the way humans treat one another. I am speaking of the way we try to manipulate each other and, then, how those with power or control only desire more of it, as if their identity- the very core of their existence, depended on it.

It seems that humans have a natural tendency to desire “power”. This desire doesn’t have to be an issue of government and political exercise over large groups of people, it happens just as often among friends and family. The desire for “power” can be found at the foundation of every disagreement, argument, hatred and war in our existence. We see it happening between toddlers, siblings, spouses, family members, and of course the social group becomes larger and so does the negative influence. Yes, even the need to be right and, therefore, make someone else wrong is a desire for power and/or control.

Moving on: It has been a known scientific fact for quite some time that everything is Energy. Energy is what comprises the universe. Every person, action, movement and thought are a form of the one Energy, which vibrates at different frequencies. Humans possess the ability to be consciously aware. This is the highest order of living on our planet. It is the birthright of humanity, given equally to all of us. I believe this power struggle we see between humans is the result of our innate, yet, unconscious, awareness that “power” is available. This “power” is truly the Energy of the universe. This Energy is a part of us and because of our high-consciousness capability, we can use It. That is the Reality. The illusion is that the “power” we so naturally desire comes by dominating or taking advantage of one another. This is an illusion because dominating, taking advantage, controlling others or winning has nothing to do with true “power”. True “power”, Energy, is already ours. It’s our innate nature. It is our essence.

So, then, this Energy is the “power” of the Universe. Since this Energy sustains us, everyone of us is not only one with it, but we can actually access it. The first place we naturally seek it is through another person. Certain experiences make this obvious. Like when we become aware that being around a certain person “drains” us, or we classify them as “draining” to be around. That person is unconsciously taking our energy and we are unconsciously giving it to them. I have even felt so exasperated by some that I’ve coined them “bloodsucking!” Harsh, I know. Again, not only are they unaware of what they are doing to manipulate the situation in order to gain “power” or “energy” but I am unconsciously giving in to it. So, I label them as “draining” to be around while also failing to realize how I play a role in it. You cannot have one without the other. No one can actually dominate, manipulate or “drain” you unless you allow it. The fact that I experience a negative emotion or feeling toward them or because of them is the proof that I’ve lost my energy (which also keeps me calm and at peace) and, naturally, I don’t like it. My negativity is always my own unconscious choice. It’s just a reaction rather than a conscious response. I could choose to be aware of what’s happening when the agitation first arises and keep my energy-power by controlling my inner emotions and responding in a more mature way, rather than giving in and allowing my mindset to take on a negative state.

Continuing on, you can see how a baby innocently seeks a connection with its mother. It’s the Energy, he is seeking through the person of his mother. A loving mother with a healthy mindset willing gives her Energy and two experience a bond that grows and the Energy between them intensifies in that moment.

But as we grow and our intellect adapts we learn to manipulate. I will define this “manipulation” or attempt at “domination” as the natural way humans approach people and situations to gain their own personal advantage or leverage. It may appear domineering, but it could also appear overly submissive and anything in between. It’s happening all the time and whatever the case, it feeds our illusory need for more energy-power, which is our way of being comfortable in our world. It is our way of feeling better about our selves self because we are ignorant of the Truth.

Furthermore, we all know what it’s like to be around someone who seems to have a certain liveliness that attracts us and makes us feel better. They have a good energy about them that helps put us in a positive mood and we are naturally receptive to it. This exchange is beneficial to both people.

What is the difference between the word “power” and “energy”? In short, and for our purposes, they are synonymous. Energy is power and power is energy. It is both power and energy that create light and everything else. You cannot have one without the other. When we think of turning on lights or using electricity we use the words “energy” and “power” to indicate the same idea. This thing called “Energy” and “Power” is what make the lights come on! Light bulbs, humans and everything else in the universe are animated by one Power. Energy is the Essence of Life.

So, if you want more power you need to realize there is only one Power that sustains the universe. Every other form of power you imagine is an illusion that only perpetuates what we do not want on our planet- domination, dictating, lying, stealing, manipulating, etc. The healthiest way to gain “power” is to change the common suggestion of the human race from that of domination, or authority to that of unity. Unity is the Truth. Unity is the natural suggestion of our hearts . When this happens, you will thrive and feel that you have more than enough Power to sustain your personal well-being, knowing that your identity has nothing to do with the illusion of being better, or stronger,or smarter, or more rich than someone else. Your identity has everything to do with the reality of who you are in this universe of Power and your ever-increasing awareness of It makes you more and more powerful. This is how you can gain the proper control of your own life and shape however you desire it to be.



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