Seeing Through The Matrix

We each survive within our own matrix of beliefs which is fertilized by the Matrix of our world. What this means, simply stated, is we are conditioned by the culture  and suggestions of our family and social groups. Second, our family and social groups are influenced and conditioned by the suggestions of larger groups and mindsets of various complexities. Who you believe yourself to be, and what you believe about the world is mostly comprised of the ideas you learned through such influences beginning with the people who raised you. What you believe can ALMOST only be shaped in this way, though it can and, usually, does change shape.

We must realize The Matrix is NOT True Reality. True prosperity and the experience of peace can be the result of this realization. Some people are naturally in tune to Reality. The ability to see beyond what their family and culture suggests is easier for them than others. We are all born with the ability to do this, but some can tap into it easier than others. Some of us have an awareness that continually guides to investigate the reasons behind the reasons we do what we do.

When and to what degree do we begin to think about ourselves, for ourselves? When and how do we investigate who they say we should be and compare it to who we want to be? How do we begin to separate and investigate the things we were told or conditioned to believe? Is there another way to think or different perspective about these beliefs? Are these beliefs serving, working for, or beneficial to everyone or just some of us?

When I investigate the story of my life, I see that an ever-growing awareness of Reality has been the light for my path. With this has come the acknowledgement of so many people who walk through this life clueless and uncertain of who they truly are and what they are capable of. This is the majority of us. Naturally, we leech onto specific things and people that, in one way or another, allow us to feel better about ourselves. What I want to say is: when Reality becomes the eyes you see through, you will find peace and a desire for everything that is beneficial and peaceful. No thing, activity or person will define your identity, but you will be thankful for every thing, every activity and every person that helps you express your highest self. There will be no ego or neediness in this, only peace. Ego leads to the fear of loss. Peace lasts forever.

So, if you fear loosing anything, you can be certain you have allowed your identity and your ego to be defined and founded on those things. BEWARE! There is a better, more secure, way to live Life. It starts with simply opening your eyes and being thankful for everything in your life. See through the Matrix to what is real! It’s all about who you are!

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