Doing Something That Matters

I’ve been thinking that I haven’t been fully vulnerable. I have not revealed all of my gifts and talents- strengths. Neither have I been vulnerable enough to reveal my humanity- fears and weaknesses. Undoubtedly it is a daily experience to acknowledge and increase awareness of the things that I am naturally skilled at. Just the same, it is also a daily experience to acknowledge and increase awareness of the things I am naturally afraid of, my doubts, and things I am not so skilled at.

In this present culture, we are taught to think of vulnerability as weakness. What we fail to recognize is that lack of vulnerability only reinforces immaturity. Lack of vulnerability promotes secret shame and division among us. I think vulnerability will allow us to realize we are all in this thing called “humanity” together. We are all trying to do the best we can given the experiences we have. We each have experience that is potentially valuable to the next person- wisdom to share, love to give. But without vulnerability, without courage and honesty, we will walk past and around the hidden treasures that are within the very people we look into the eyes of each day.

At this moment, all of my senses are heightened, driving me to consider one thing: whatever I do, it needs to matter! It needs to make a difference. If I walk, may each step be with purpose. If I speak, may each word reveal insight.  If I lift weights, it needs to be because I care to get better at lifting weights and reach my full potential. If I sing a song, may each note go forward with the full intention of beauty. If I use any skill that I have been fortunate enough to gain, may I do it with gratitude and with purpose.

I am here to say and do things that matter. I have great things to say and many lives to encourage. I am certain that this is the way in which I will give and, therefore, it is the way in which I will receive. Here is a priceless truth: you can only receive more of what you are willing to give. Don’t be deluded! This means positive, constructive encouraging  things as well as negative, destructive, discouraging things. So, be aware of what you do and let what you do MATTER (make a positive difference)!

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