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Top 3 Topics for Coaching and Lecture:

The Identity Process – Answering the questions: Who am I? What am I here to do?

Connect to Love – Understanding Love, The Great Mystery and Treasure.

Bible Redefined – Ancient Wisdom unlike what religion has told.

Lectures to Watch:

Love In A Divided World – Can Love really make a difference?

A Message For Healing – Racism in America.

The Sacred Unity of Divinity – how Feminine and Masculine bring balance, awaken dreams, and empower success.

All coaching, lecture, and keynote topics are outlined here. Please email if you are interested in booking Lance Howard or making an appointment.

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THV is a donation based service that believes in Sacred Economics- that true value is found in the expression of your heart. Time, attention, and energy are true currency. When someone serves from the heart, no dollar amount can be placed on their service. 

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